Family Room Built-In Wall Unit

This customer had the requirement to instal a built-in in their family room. I came up with a design that would use the entire wall space without over powering the room. This was achieved with the open 45° end shelves. Upon entering the room, you are not immediately aware of a structure being there. We […]

Kitchen Half Bath

This half bath is off of a kitchen.  The small space was perfect for a pedestal sink and little else.  In a couple of pictures, you can see a small cast iron radiator.  This was found in a metal yard, it is the perfect size for the space.

Kitchen Dutch Door – Patio Entry

Using a reclaimed dutch door, this door was given a custom fit for a smaller opening. Door jambs were repositioned and the door was sized down. Hinges and handle were relocated from a left open to a right open in order to accommodate easier access and keep it clear of the cabinets. Sourced antique style […]